I am called by a name. I am of an age. I do not support the meat/dairy/fur/leather/egg/honey/etc. industries. I am not part of any religion. I am not part of any political party.
& I am perfectly fine with that.

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Organic jewelry (above) done by Onetribe Organics.


Paths Through The Redwood Forest

(Muir Woods, California - 3/2014)

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Cyanometer, c. 1789. An instrument that measures the blueness of a sky.
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Cyanometer, c. 1789. An instrument that measures the blueness of a sky.

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To those who have encourage me and pushed me to continue on: (and to those who will be acknowledging this information for the first time!)

I am not going to say when yet, but I am working on finally releasing some of my music after about 4-5 years of holding it all to myself. When I do, I will be self-promoting and somewhere along the lines, playing at least one performance.. After years of people telling me to send them copies, burn them CDs, and play shows.. I finally took the last push and have decided to just let go and not be afraid of what might come of this. I know I will never know what could happen unless I just let go. So, when the time is right, and I will force myself to do this.. I promise.. I will let go.

My music will be released on BandCamp; and from there I will be keeping an eye out to see how it goes and see what will be my next step. I have been overprotective of my material and have been holding it all back, waiting until I hit some sort of perfection that I may never have because of this. I have realized that I have to just start somewhere and continue to grow from there. 

Upon my release, I will be providing a link where everyone can access my music and even download the content if they wish. (In which case would be very helpful for me, especially since I will be moving to a new city at the end of May.) I would also be grateful of those who help me promote the page and send me feedback as well. 

In the meantime, I have uploaded a couple small tracks of demos and ideas that I had sitting around in my vault on SoundCloud. If you wish to hear those, check them out below or use the link below.


Thank you, to all those who have given me the courage to continue writing and mixing and getting me to this point. (Lets just see how it goes in the future, now that I am prepared to share my tracks with the world.)

//Nima F. Wheeler



"B-but not all farms are like that!!"

From backyard operations, to factory farms: 
• All male chicks are killed in the course of egg production, whether at the hatchery or on the farm, because they do not lay eggs. 
• All females used for eggs, milk, or breeding are killed at a fraction of their natural lifespan when their “productivity” declines. 
• All females used for eggs, milk or breeding have their reproductive systems violated, manipulated and exploited. 
• All animals exploited for eggs, milk or flesh have been genetically manipulated to increase their “productivity”. 
• All animals raised for flesh are barely adolescent when they are violently killed. 
• All animals used for human purposes are denied a natural life.

No matter how friendly the farmer is, or how bucolic the farm may appear, to the animals whose lives are manipulated and destroyed there, there is no such thing as “humane” farming.

The Humane Animal Farming Myth l The Truth


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Mid-20's Couple Looking for 1-2 ROOMATES!

I feel weird about posting this here.. but whatever.

Can someone get me an updated dictionary of just acronyms?

No, wait, I do not give a shit about your lack of words or why you can not just spell things out.

Angkor is one of the most important and the greatest archaeological sites in the world. This by the way the world’s largest (400 square kilometers) temple complex (almost a 1000 temples) was between IX and XV century the capital of the Khmer Empire. Probably, in the eleventh century, numbering one million inhabitants of Angkor was the largest city in the contemporary world.

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Not to dismiss anything good in the past,

but I must admit, I feel pretty fortunate for the first time in a long time.

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Nima Wheeler.*